Worship Introduction

But you are holy, O you who are seated among the praises of Israel. – Psalm 22:3

When we praise God, He is among us. That is His promise. In our church gatherings – in Sunday Service, Prayer meeting, Fellowship, Cell group, worshipping is our main ingredient.

In a macroscopic view of worship, it covers praise, adoration, pray, meditation, offering, message and benediction. In our church, especially during our Sunday service, we gather praising, adoration, pray, meditation into the singing session. And then we have our offering time; announcement; sermon and benediction.

During our singing session, we adopt the Davidic worship which is the kind of worship and praise which was ordained by King David and is described and commanded in the Book of Psalms. (I Chronicle 15, 16, 25; II Chronicles 5: Amos 9:11)

We encourage congregation to sing, praise and worship with all their hearts, their emotions, their minds and none the less, their bodies. We all know that when we gather in the Name of Jesus Christ, He is among us. This is His promise. We bring ourselves with an expectation that Christ will intercede among us to do His Mighty work in each of us.

Sunday Service is a celebration of Resurrection. We come to the Lord with joyful hearts and offer our thanksgivings and praises.  During the singing session, we adopt a freedom of praise which encourages congregation to express their attitude towards God by clapping, shouting, proclaiming, raise our hands, bowing, kneel down, dancing and other body language to show our gratitude to the Almighty God.  This is all in spontaneous without leader’s instruction to allow the Holy Spirit to move in and take His place at us to praise in one accord. After the celebration, we will show adoration in the same magnitude and open our hearts and minds to listen to God’s intercede thru the Holy Spirit. At this moment, let Jesus Christ touch, comfort, encourage or heal whoever is in need. All of these are to plow and prepare our whole being to participate in the ceremony of offering and communion (Holy Communion at first Sunday of each month) and listen to God’s message and teaching by His servant.

In a nutshell, the setting and atmosphere of our worship is to nurture the congregation for receiving the work of the Holy Spirit among us.  I sincerely invite you to come and join in this blessing experience.

Published by Stephen Ho